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frequently asked questions

We predominantly work in Idaho and Washington but we are always looking to expand our portfolio into other areas for the right project. 

Do you work remotely?

Although we focus on large scale remodels and new builds we absolutely take on smaller projects that are aligned with our company values. If you have a project in mind that doesn’t quite fit into our services don’t hesitate to reach out and we can put together a package for you. 

Do you work on smaller projects?

Yes absolutely. Having a good architect and builder is crucial to a successful project. We can absolutely recommend you to our favorite architects and builders based on your project needs. We will also gladly work with your current architect or builder. 

Can you recommend a good architect or builder?

Yes! An architect is going to look at your home from the outside in. They focus on the beauty within the structure while a designer focuses on the beauty within the interior. A designer will dive deep into how you and your family function within your home and how we can bring your dream home to life. We believe that every successful new build has an architect, designer and builder all working together towards the same goals. 

If I have an architect, do I need a designer?

A remodel or new build can last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years or more for design and construction. A furniture project can take anywhere from 3 months to a year depending on the number of rooms and scope of work. 

How long does a project typically last?

All projects start with a in home or virtual consultation so we can get to learn more about you and your project needs. Consultations start at $399 and include up to two hours of consultation time. You can ask questions and pick our brains and we can see if it is a good fit!

Can I book a consultation?